1963: On Screen


Television in 1963 was nothing like the mega-channel 50 inch LCD experience that we take for granted today. For starters there were only 3 channels and, even though they were introduced in 1950, most people couldn’t afford a color TV. Most TV receptions were achieved by regular manipulation of rabbit ears. And, most strikingly of all, the majority of programs provided decent, and wholesome, viewing. Today we have to wade through a mindless procession of CSI clones and American Idol rip offs. Back then we had  . . .

(Yep, that really is Gunsmoke’s Marshall Matt Dillon hawking cigarettes on TV – it really was a different world back then!)

What about . . .

And we couldn’t leave out . . .

Let’s check out what a typical week’s viewing would have looked like back in ’63 . . .



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